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Galveston, Texas. 1897. A booming town on the gulf at the tail end of the Gilded Age. Sarah Brooks spends her days among the young ladies of the city, enjoying the pleasures of the gulf from the luxurious Seaside Hotel. One day a mysterious stranger arrives in the city that sends them all on a search to discover his identity. Sarah unenthusiastically joins the hunt, but she soon finds herself on a journey of self discovery.



Sarah Brooks - Denise Marin

Ethan - David O'Bar

Miss Green - Jeana Magallon

Miss Delilah - Olivia Dean

Miss Catherine - Esther Christo

Mrs. Cruikshank - Chloe Eves

Miss Josephine - Megan Tooley

The Shopkeeper - Jef Leeson

Ensemble - Riley Maness, Esther Christo, Megan Tooley

Narrator - Katte Noel

Daydreaming at the Rodeo audiobook

    The Mayor of a Tiny Town
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