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Ellie Burgess' life was forever changed when she saw a boy fall from the sky. Years later, the memory haunts Ellie's dreams to the point she sees another boy fly through the air. Only, she isn't dreaming.


The moment thrusts Ellie into the lives of the Falco family, one of Texas' largest land barons, who maintain a dark secret on their colossal estate. What begins as simple curiosity sends Ellie down a rabbit hole into the world of people known as the Flyers. But now she is a witness.


With her life threatened, Ellie must race against time, encountering giants, a mysterious huntsman, and an impossible forest where fantasy meets reality, as she aims to expose the Falcos' secret to the world or else become their latest victim.

The Flyers (Hardcover)

    The Mayor of a Tiny Town
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